About Us

 Although history shows “Buffalo Wings” got their start in New York, I was introduced to them while living in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked in a grocery store deli where the hot wings were good, but the recipe was very simple.

Soon after getting married, my husband and I moved to his native California. We both enjoyed spicy food and began checking out the local farmers’ markets. We both enjoyed cooking and soon found ourselves in competition in the kitchen. We called our competition “Creation Dinner” with the goal being to make the hottest food. The only rule was, the food had to be edible and have as much flavor as heat. Our experiments yielded strange and almost deadly concoctions.

Over the years we perfected our hot wing sauce. We shared it at parties and everyone loved it. We toyed with the idea of selling the sauce. It was not until I lost my job due to an injury we decided to put our hot wing sauce on the market. Since the decision, we have added spice rubs and BBQ sauce.

There is nothing like hearing people’s comments when they enjoy your products. We continue to work on new products every day. Soon we will add a seafood spice rub and some marinades. Please check back often to see what items are added.